Thermal shrinking film (PVC) 15μm/350mm

Thermal shrinking film is a kind of packaging material. Its distinctive feature is the ability to shrink under the impact of high temperature. Thanks to this it takes the form of the item being packed.

Thermal shrinking films are highly durable and puncture resistant. The material is environmentally friendly, resistant to grease and oils. Shrink film can be used for packing food, such as chocolate and caramel candies, juice packets, pharmaceuticals, batch of bottles etc.


The advantages of thermal shrinking films:

  • Transparency and shine that will improve the look of any product;
  • At low temperatures the package will keep its reliability and elasticity;
  • The film takes the form of packing item quickly and accurately;
  • It can be used in any type of thermal shrinking machine;
  • The material does not emit harmful substances either during the packing process or during operation;
  • The strength of the seam is not worse than the basic material.
Type of film Semi-sleeve
Width (mm) 350
Length (m) 750
Thickness (µm) 15
Film colour Transparent